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Meeting Planning

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Heating and Air-Conditioning System

  • Each room is set up according to the Licensee's requested style; class room, theater, banquet, etc. Room set up should be consulted with a Sales Manager and finalized 5 days prior to the License Period. Standard operating hours of the conference room is from 09:00 until 21:00. For any extensions or change needed, prior approval is required.
    • Standard service offered : initial table set-up (class room, theater, banquet, etc.), registration desk, desk, chair, podium, (1) wired microphone, (1) wireless microphone, (1) audio line, built-in whiteboard, built-in screen, banner batten
    • Individual wall : 4KW, system box 4KW
    • Other than ICC JEJU's equipment, please consult with ICC JEJU's exclusive service providers for installation of other A/V system or rental service.
    • Equipment list of ICC JEJU is on p48 for your reference. Before using the beam projector for the event, please check if it is compatible with the notebook computer.


  • The Licensee shall take care of rented materials and equipment on a daily basis. If the facility is damaged, the Licensee is responsible to restore it to its original state.


  • The Licensee is entitled to 4Kw electric usage in each conference rooms for seminar and conference. For additional usage of electricity in the Conference Hall (Tamna Hall), Event Hall, and public areas for exhibition events, the Licensee shall submit the Technical Support Form and upgrade the electricity connection if necessary. Only the standard usage of electricity (4Kw) is included in the License fee. Therefore, any additional use of electricity which exceeds 4Kw will result in an additional maintenance fee

Sales activity

  • Selling of any items within the premises is prohibited.

A/V System

  • Two sets of microphones, laptop audio line, built-in speaker, and (1) screen are provided for each conference room. Additional A/V equipment, is available with additional charge. All A/V equipment is designed to be used for professional meetings hosted in ICC JEJU conference rooms. Use of such equipment for theatrical production may bring overload to the equipment and not only permanently damage the equipment but also negatively affect the event; it is best-> advisable to prepare or rent appropriate A/V equipment for theatrical productions. Apart from the complimentary service and equipment offered, other equipments are available with additional charge and the list is available on the appendix for your reference.
    • Simultaneous Interpretation

      Tamna Hall, Halla Hall and Samda Hall are equipped with simultaneous interpretation rooms and system. Further consultation is required for the number of receivers available and each conference room environment. If the condition does not meet your requirement, you may contact external interpretation service providers.

    • Recording

      Recording service is available at each conference room (even for two divided sections). It can be recorded on a USB or cassette tape.

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